Willem – $20000

Height: 16.2 hands
This is a VERY RARE opportunity to acquire a young friesian sporthorse that is currently at the TOP of his game—VERY FEW friesians exhibit Willem’s QUALITY.

I REALLY like this horse–he EXUDES three WONDERFUL gaits, built naturally uphill, this fella has a super motor and propulsion from behind. He is HOT HOT HOT, and he KNOWS it!

Put simply….


If you are looking for a very VERY good show horse, that is SUPER experienced—here he is!  Willem has 26 points in M1 dressage—- i don’t think i have ever had a horse with that many winning points in any level before!  AND Willem is ALWAYS in the top 3, even when competing against warmbloods!  He wins a lot with very high scores.

This is EXCELLENT 3rd party verification, Willem is the creme de la creme.



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