Arienzo – $15 000

Height: 16.2 hands
5 year old tall gelding

168cm = 16.2 hands

Arienzo has beautiful conformation, and is a big strong mover.

Splendid head, thick mane, friendly soft gentle eyes, the potential for higher levels of dressage.

Arienzo has solid basic dressage training and is double trained to ride AND drive. He has a  perfect Go, not to fast, not to slow.  He goes automatically on the bit.

We LOVE his uphill build and round (stallion) neck.

Arienzo is brave (not spooky) outside, on trails by himself, in the woods, in water,  in nature and in traffic.

This is a gorgeous TALL Friesian gelding for sale that is suitable for many varying levels of riders.

Arienzo is friendly, social, and gets along well with all other horses.

What a playful happy positive horse!!!!!



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